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Below are but a few of the nearly 20 projects I have developed for pewtrusts.org over the years. Additional technical notes at the bottom.


State Pensions Fiscal Health 1/26/17
Schools in all 50 States Face Flood Challenges5/10/17


State of Online Voter Registration SystemsApr 11, 2016


Faces of Financial SecurityJuly 19, 2024
U.S. Immigration: National and State Trends and ActionsJuly 19, 2024

development notes

More projects will be posted soon, with relevant annotations about the tech stack, implementation notes and other relevant technical details.

Please note that these are my personal copies so they might differ slightly from current versions on the client's website.

This showcase area was originally designed as a live testing environment, as well as a “preview area” for all of the products created by me for Pew.

This “harness website” automatically rebuilt itself daily by analizing selected Pew website pages and updating assets or code changes. This was necessary because we did not have access to the CMS in a way that made rapid development of our projects feasible in any other way.

I developed this “harness” using Apache, PHP, NodeJS, Javascript, PhanthomJS (a headless browser), and some bash scripting. (Node’s Express and other http servers where beyond my technical ability at the time)

Unit testing was performed with Sashi. Browser testing was done using a combination of Browserstack, other technologies and a local suite of real devices.

Want to see the code? Just right click and inspect. One of the requirements (or constraints) at Pew was that to publish these apps the entirety of the code and resources needed to be copy-and-pasted into a single CMS field. There was no practical access to the filesystem for resources.

How about the data?Again, inspect. Pew wanted to make sure that any researcher would have easy access to the data that powered these visualizations, so the data is not hidden away in strange structures. It is in plain preformatted tab-delimited tables that one can copy and paste into excel and that you will see plainly when you inspect the page.